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Wind energy convention hits Houston, reported by — “Ten thousand people are blowing into Houston this weekend for the start of WINDPOWER 2008, an annual convention showing the present and future of wind energy.” (more, Houston is playing host to huge wind conference, by the Houston Chronicle)

City residents produce less carbon, reported by — “While cities are hot spots for global warming, people living in them turn out to greener than their country cousins.”

Mayor renews efforts to reduce benzene, reported by — “The mayor of Houston said Tuesday that the city will continue to oppose chemical industry attempts to receive or renew emissions permits.”

BookExpo America ponders publishing footprint, reported by greenbizjournal — “At the proverbial book fair for industry types — BookExpo America — the environmental impact from the book industry was a much-discussed topic, according to a report from BusinessWeek… The report states that at the expo, there were six workshops dedicated to the various environmental impacts of the book-publishing industry, and the expo’s keynote address from The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman was entitled ‘Green Is The New Red, White and Blue.'”

Study: Houston’s carbon footprint shrinking, by the Houston Business Journal — “The Brookings Institution’s ‘Shrinking the Carbon Footprint of Metropolitan America,’ report found transportation and energy use in the Houston area fell by 8.6 percent between 2000 and 2005.”

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