Gwinnett County library board refuses to buy Spanish books (updated)

The Gwinnett County library board recently voted down a request to spend $3,000 on books in Spanish. A sad thing to say about the Georgia region with the largest Hispanic population.

Spending on Spanish fiction titles is shelved
— reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Gwinnett County library board has put the brakes on purchases of Spanish-language fiction four months after the books hit library shelves.

The board approved the 2007 budget last Monday minus $3,000 that would have paid for new adult fiction in Spanish, signaling a change in direction for the library system serving Georgia’s largest Hispanic population.

The decision comes amid intense national debate about immigration and a shake-up in the Gwinnett library system that last week claimed the director.

Libraries already struggle to buy all the English-language books patrons want, let alone those in Spanish, board Chairman Lloyd Breck said. “Basically, what we’re saying is don’t expand that program,” Breck said. “As long as we’re telling people we can’t purchase books in English, we don’t need to be expanding in other languages.”



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