Happy Holidays

Feliz Navidad. Happy New Year’s. Have a safe and healthy holiday, people, while I’m away at my family reunion. I’ll be away for three weekends and two weeks. Away from my computer. Away from my e-mail. Away from all my Internet friends. I know I’m going to go into shock. And it’ll be just when I need my support system the most, when dealing with my family. I know, I know . . . it really isn’t that bad, but show one person who truly prefers to spend time with her/his family instead of being at the beach, going away with a significant other or something else like that and I’ll show you someone in denial.

New Year’s Promises

I promise to set goals and work towards them. I promise to set limits and acknowledge them. I promise to practice a balance of generosity and selfishness. I promise not to forget that I am loved and loving, serious and playful, inspired and inspiring, creative and hardworking, willful and willing, cautious and trusting. I promise to live this year with a healthy body, an active mind and a calm soul. I promise to be true to myself. I promise to treat myself with love and respect no matter what the circumstances.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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