Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

My niece was released from the hospital today! We’re all very happy. That means that she’s completely well now. It means that her tests came back negative. It means that we got to take her home and away from the sterile environment of the hospital. It means that the light of my life, that over-indulged brat of a precious niece of mine, gets to spend her days at my house again.

Her parents, however, can stay at the hospital.

My sister and her husband have never had the happiest marriage in the world, but ever since she got pregnant this second time things have been worse. It’s like her hormones are so out of whack that she doesn’t know when to let something go and when to make an issue out of it. Whatever the deal is with them, they always fight in front of family and friends, and that makes it difficult to be around them.

I went to the dentist’s today. I got three fillings. I hate going to the dentist’s office. It’s always painful. It’s always long and tedious. It’s always icky. Which is probably why I wait until I have to have work done to go. I don’t just go for checkups. I don’t go just to get my teeth cleaned. It has to be something major. I know it’s not a very adult thing to do, but that’s what I do and I’m fine with it.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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