higher education in Texas gets more expensive

Tuition at Texas universities rises 7.6 percent
Wide-ranging survey finds many borrowing more to pay for college

— Houston Chronicle2

The sticker price at public universities across Texas rose 7.6 percent this year, again outpacing the rapid increases in tuition and fees nationwide, the College Board reported Monday.

Texans now are paying an average of $6,437 a year to attend the state’s public universities, which is $252 more than the national average.

On the bright side, the pace of increase held steady at the state’s four-year colleges. Texas saw an average hike of 20 percent in 2005, two years after state lawmakers allowed the universities’ governing boards to set their own tuition rates.


As I try to decide whether to pursue a graduate degree, or not, the price tag for higher education in Texas (and across the country) is getting higher and higher. The longer I wait, the more it costs. And I wonder how high schoolers are going to afford to get their undegraduate degrees.

2 = article may expire in a few weeks

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