HISD staff to gain

Staff makes most gains in HISD plan
Property tax bill may rise, but not as much as if state law hadn’t passed

— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Rookie teachers would get 11 percent pay raises this year, but few homeowners will see significantly lower property tax bills under the Houston Independent School District’s proposed $1.4 billion budget.

School-finance legislation that touted property tax relief would produce a tax bill $14 lower to $35 higher than last year’s for the owner of a typical home with a taxable value of $125,000, according to an HISD projection. The school district assumes that the average home value increased nearly 9 percent over last year.

The numbers confirm that the property tax bill Gov. Rick Perry signed inside HISD headquarters won’t put extra money in most homeowners’ wallets this year, according to those who advocated for a more aggressive cut.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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