HISD teachers set to see a 7.5% pay increase

This is something I don’t get to point out often: Houston Independent School District teachers will get a 7.5% pay increase as part of new school-finance legislation. Good news… maybe.

Plan would give HISD teachers a 7.5% raise
— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Houston Independent School District teachers would see their pay increase an average 7.5 percent next year, but homeowners won’t get much property tax relief under the district’s proposed $1.4 billion operating budget.

Despite school-finance legislation that touted lower taxes, the owner of a home with an average $125,000 assessed value would either see their bill decrease by $14 a year or increase by $35 a year, depending on whether trustees vote to approve a 4-cent tax increase option later this month.

If they increase taxes, the extra money would go toward campus repairs, new student computers and increased per-student funding, according to the proposal.

But even without the tax increase, the budget would increase the pay of starting teachers from $36,050 to $39,870. HISD has proposed adding up to $4,000 raises on top of the $2,500 raises for teachers at some experience levels.


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