Hispanics online

Here are a few stories about Hispanics and Internet usage:

  • Hispanics Trail Others on Net Use, by Hispanic Business; “The report shows that 71 percent of non-Hispanic whites and 60 percent of non-Hispanic blacks go online. One in three Latinos who speak only Spanish go online.”
  • Pew: English, Education Reflect Which Hispanics Are Online — by Hispanic Business; “Hispanics who use the Internet are more than likely to speak and read English fluently, be U.S. born, and have higher education levels than Hispanics who don’t go online, according to a study released Wednesday. Those characteristics help explain the gap in Internet usage between Hispanics and non-Hispanics.”
  • Latino Population Slow to Adopt Web, by ClickZ; “Latinos account for 14 percent of the adult U.S. population. While 56 percent of this group go online, 71 percent of non-Hispanic whites, and 60 percent of non-Hispanic blacks use the Web. Of the Hispanic segment who do go online, 78 percent are English-dominant; 76 percent are bilingual, and 32 percent are Spanish-dominant.”

Author: Paloma Cruz

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