Houston Gets the Bayou Classic

From a pure sports perspective, I don’t care about this. I do, however, know that everything that can bring in tourists, etc., into Houston means more money for the city. So here’s some good news.

  • Bayou Classic comes to Houston — reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11(2). “What is big about the Bayou Classic coming to Reliant Stadium is the amount of revenue it could potentially bring. And the city and businesses are playing the economic game.”
  • Bayou Classic also an evacuee; New Orleans’ football tradition lands at Reliant Park — reported by the Houston Chronicle(1). “Adjusting to the move on the fly — the final decision to move to Reliant Park wasn’t made until the end of September — has presented many challenges, Weaver said, at the same time conceding it was something of a godsend for her. She attended Houston public schools through the 10th grade, earned her master’s degree at Texas Southern and most of her extended family still lives in the area. Weaver even owns a home here.”

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  1. Houston Chronicle links expire after a few days because they’re archived. If you want to access these articles after that, you either have to be a subscriber or go to the Houston Public Library and access the database using your Library Power Card.
  2. KHOU CBS Channel 11 requires a registration, free.

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