Houston is growing, news says

Despite economic slowdowns, and the international business scene, Houston continues to grow, and so does the region surrounding this city…

  • Up Close: Housing boom doesn’t benefit low-income Houstonians, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. “…the waiting list to get into Houston’s HUD-funded public housing, like Allen Parkway Village, has 10,000 on it. That’s names of families, not individual members.
  • Houston gets millions to fight housing discrimination, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. “The City of Houston is getting an additional $7 million dollars to fight housing discrimination… It is the result of the first bill passed by U.S. Representative Al Green.
  • A/C repair: Hot business in Houston, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. “A lot of air conditioners around town aren’t running well because they just can’t handle the demand of the Houston heat. That means money in the bank for A/C repair companies.
  • West End building boom continues, despite threat of future storms, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. “Galveston has dodged the path of a hurricane for more than 20 years. And despite the threat of future storms and no West End seawall for protection, a growing number of people are calling Galveston’s West End their second home.
  • Could Houston host the 2016 Summer Olympics?, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11.
  • City books hopes on Hilton — Houston’s goal is to grow into a convention hub, reported by the Houston Chronicle. “The task force’s worst-case projections estimate the Hilton will have an occupancy rate below 50 percent until 2007 if economic conditions weaken and competition from other Houston hotels and convention cities increases — or another domestic terrorism event occurs.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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