Houston's churches

Houston’s Clear Thinkers has an interesting post about Houston’s churches, Lakewood and Houston’s other big churches, that’s based on a Church Report article about The 50 Most Influential Churches. For this non-practicing Catholic, the post is just this side of scary.

Hrere’s an excerpt:

Houston is well-represented on the list, with Lakewood Church ranking fifth (are there really four churches that are larger than one that holds its services in a renovated basketball arena?), Fellowship of The Woodlands at no. 17, Second Baptist Church at no. 33, and Windsor Village United Methodist at no. 43. The common thread through all of these mega-churches is that each of them is closely associated with a charismatic leader, and that is certainly true of the Houston contingent — Joel Osteen at Lakewood, Kerry Shook at Fellowship, Ed Young at Second Baptist, and Kirbyjon Caldwell at Windsor Village.

You have to check this out. In addition to the post itself, some of the comments are very good.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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