Houston's economy continues to grow

One of the great things about living in Houston is the diversified economy. Usually, it ensures that the city fares better during economic downtimes than other major metropolitan cities. Recently that has been especially evident (even with the impact of the Hurrican Katrina evacuees).

Here’s some news coverage that, basically, agrees with me:

Houston’s financial future is looking bright
— reported by KTRK ABC Channel 13

Houston has a bright outlook — more jobs, higher pay, and even a growing sector of minority owned businesses. The mayor is calling it unprecedented.

But it’s where the growth is happening that’s unexpected. New statistics released Thursday afternoon show there are over 40,000 new jobs in Houston. Positions that are not concentrated in one industry.

Over the past holidays people were eager to spend their money. That’s a direct result, says banking experts, of a fast employment growth rate in Houston. At 1.8%, job growth is at the fastest rate since 2001 — translating to over 40,000 new jobs.


There’s also been growth in Mexico-based companies. The mayor says there are at least 60 Mexican firms with principal offices here in Houston.

Hooray for us!

Author: Paloma Cruz

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