Houston's NetSquared meeting

The Houston NetSquared Meetup Group

This will be the second Meetup for The Houston NetSquared group!

We’ll use this meeting time to get to know each other, discuss current online technology trends and the future of non-profit technology adoption.

This month we’ll dive into some local programs that have helped Houston residents connect with online technologies, in the hopes of advancing education, job searches and quality of life initiatives.

Jim Forrest, of the Technology for All organization, will be joining our non profit technology conversation as he discusses various Houston technology outreach programs and the potential for technological growth in the non profit sector.

From low-income community wireless Internet access projects to Community Technology Centers across the city (and in the Astrodome for hurricane evacuees), TFA has long been an active advocate of closing the digital divide for all members of society.

This will be a great meeting to dive into some of the work that has already been started in the Houston area – and a great time to brainstorm for new ideas and projects. Look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 7:00 PM
This is United NetSquared Meetup Day

2006-04-11 07:00:00

Stag’s Head Pub
2128 Portsmouth St.
Houston , TX 77098
(713) 533-1199

More information:

The Stag’s Head Pub (www.stagsheadpub.com) will be a great meeting place for us with a nice back area for us to chat, great food and drink and, most importantly, WIFI!!

So feel free to bring your laptop – visualization is good!

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