How important is the U.S. Hispanic online market?

This is a question that Hispanic Business Magazine attempted to answer recently:

Surfing In Two Worlds
December 2005, HISPANIC BUSINESS Magazine

How important is the U.S. Hispanic online market? A good measure is that ad spending aimed at this audience reached $100 million in 2005, according to estimates by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). That’s up 33 percent from 2004 when spending in the market was $75 million, and up 10-fold from 2002, when it was just $10 million. This quick turn of the media buyers’ heads reflects the rapid emergence of a vibrant Hispanic Internet marketplace – largely dominated by second- and third-generation Web users – even as the major traditional media ad spending targets have seen a slowdown in growth (See “Market Slump or Long-Term Trend”).

Seventy Percent of Hispanic English-Users WiredReflecting Web-demographic research, many of the ads directed at this rising Hispanic audience are delivered either in English or both English and Spanish. The objective is to capture the significant numbers of English-dominant or bilingual Hispanic surfers who “live in two worlds” according to a Yahoo! spokes-person – often preferring English for searches they conduct at work, and Spanish or bilingual sites for surfing from home.


Moreover, the online Hispanic audience is growing fast: up 6 percent in 2005, and set to grow at an annual rate of 6.7 percent through 2008, versus 2.8 percent a year for the overall U.S. online population, according to eMarketer.

The overall Hispanic Web audience is still demographically disproportionate – Hispanics account for only 7.1 percent of all U.S. Web users but 14 percent of the population. Nevertheless, a Pew Internet & American Life Project “Digital Divisions” report released in October 2005 concludes, “our surveys, conducted only in English, consistently find that English-speaking Hispanics are as likely as non-Hispanic whites to use the Internet (70 percent of each group).”


For reach and page-view data on the top 10 sites in this category, plus financials for the two that are publicly traded, visit

The article contains demographic info that’s very interesting, as well.

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