how much does a blogger make?

HouStoned is reporting that METRO blogger Mary Sit makes $76,622 a year.

Of course, the argument is that this is a lot of money to pay someone, especially out of tax dollars, for something that anyone can do, blah blah blah. Admittedly, the blog just got started, so there’s not a lot to show right now. And, no, I haven’t seen anything extraordinary on the blog yet. But it’s a little early to determine if the blogger in question is worth her salary.

However, we come back to the usual question: do we hold salaries to the same standards in private and public organizations? i.e., why should it make any difference in what someone is paid whether they are working for the city of Houston or Exxon? Isn’t quality work the same everywhere?

I know, the question implies that people are rational. And we all know that working for a larger organization normally means making more money. But if the argument we’re using is that she shouldn’t be paid $70K+ a year because it’s tax money… sorry, there’s gotta be more to it than that. At some point the value of the person being hired, the work being done, has to be taken into consideration… whether she’s being paid in private dollars or not.

Just a rant.

(Found via blogHOUSTON.)

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