how much does a librarian make?

This is a question Michael McGrorty attempts to answer in a recent American Libraries article. In his accompanying blog entry, he writes:

[snip] Library workers have complained about low salaries for a long time, and of course the complaints have been justified, especially in the public library. The reason that the situation hasn’t improved has less to do with the perception of librarians by the public or by elected officials as it has with the refusal of library administrators, themselves librarians, to insist upon higher pay levels for starting librarians—pay levels that would act to lift all salaries, from the bottom on up. Make no mistake about it: the problem of lower starting pay is largely created by librarians to be suffered by librarians. [snip]

I don’t know that I agree with him, but it is a different approach. Pick up a copy of the magazine to read the article or visit his blog to read his opinion.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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