how MySpace works

If, like me, you’re still trying to figure out how MySpace works, what makes it so popular, then there’s something for you to read to help:

On MySpace, your social network starts growing from day one without much effort on your part. That’s part of the draw. Basic MySpace networking works something like this:

  1. You join MySpace and create a profile.
  2. You invite your friends to join MySpace and search MySpace for your friends who are already members. These people become part of your initial “Friend Space.”
  3. All of the people in your friends’ Friend Space become part of your network. You now have connections to more people than you did 15 minutes ago.

From what the author can tell, there’s no way to actually view your Extended Network in any collective way.

You can also read up on security issues.

(Found via LibrarianInBlack.)

Author: Paloma Cruz

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