how the new email laws can affect you

In case you missed it (I have spoken about it previously, ver briefly), the new email laws from Michigan and Utah went into effect July 1st.

What does that mean? Here’s some info, from‘s How The New Email Laws From Michigan and Utah Affect Ezine Publishers. Excerpts:

Parents can now bring about civil lawsuits under this law against anyone they think might be in violation.

To be in compliance, you’ll have to run your list against their suppression list every 30 days for a cost of $0.007 USD per address (contact point) checked for each time it is checked against the Registry in Michigan and $0.005 USD per address in Utah. These rates could and probably will go up.

To help you prepare, they are offering a Child Protection Email Address Registry Compliance Teleseminar. I have never taken a seminar from them and cannot personally recommend them, but thought I would share the info.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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