how to kill your blog readership

From BloggingTips:

    1. Don’t blog for three weeks in a row.
      Do absolutely nothing on your blog for three weeks. Moderate no comments, post no new articles.
    2. Write nothing innovative, instead write about the same things you’ve written already.
    3. Don’t respond to comments. People will ask you questions, but never reply. After all, they don’t pay you for it.
    4. Promote affiliate products. If possible, promote only affiliate products. Don’t write on anything else.
    5. Write about your personal life. Write about all the things you did morn to night.
    6. Don’t offer full feeds to your readers. They should not get free information you see.
    7. Write about that guy you don’t like.
    8. Never, ever link to anyone else. Your google juice is hard earned. Never pass it to someone else.
    9. If you don’t get any ideas to blog about, don’t blog. Wait for any idea to strike you.
    10. Often apologize for not writing frequently. Say sorry to readers every time you don’t blog.

Sounds about right to me.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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