I thought that maybe, just maybe, my site was finally taking shape. I mean my Web site. I was taking pride in it, in the design and the content. For an amateur Web site designer, I thought I was doing pretty well. And then I saw Water. Content aside, Water is one of the most beautiful personal Web sites I’ve seen yet. The graphics are great, the frames work well and the color scheme is cool and elegant. Not a bad accomplishment for a personal site. Visiting this site makes me see that the visual aspect of my site is something I’ve taken for granted. It makes me see that my site could be more than it is. It makes me remember that I had started this site to play around with my creativity and lately I’ve become lazy about that. And yet, reading the history of Water, it gives me hope that my site will be much more in a few years. It gives me hope that I will have more visitors, better aesthetics, and much better content than I do now. I guess with me humility is a short-lived feeling.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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