I didn't do this…

…but it sounds like fun:

Tailored by You is the first in a series of informative and interactive fashion seminars and workshops dedicated to educating the Houston masses on fashion, style, and the appreciation of the tailored craft. Our mission is to put Houston on the fashion map—starting with our closets. Remember that time you stained your favorite white shirt with tomato sauce or that hideous, leopard-spotted bodysuit from middle school? Well, it’s time to give it a second life. We want to teach aspiring fashionistas how to work with what they already have by turning it into something new and fashionable, or they can swap their old pieces for new ones with their new friends. A panel of fashion experts will instruct a seminar that will lay down the design basics everyone should know as well as new ways of looking at trends and styles, the inspirations for our hands-on workshop. During the workshop, the panel will assist Tailored by You participants in creating their own trendy things using simple sewing, alteration and embellishment techniques. Pieces selected by our fashion judges will make their public debut September 29th on the runway at Dean’s Credit Clothing in downtown Houston.

This was held yesterday, September 3rd. (Thanks, ShopGirl, for pointing out the event itself.) What I did do was spend the day sleeping (I’m back on my Valium/Vicodin cocktail, since my back pain is back in full force). I gotta find fun things to do and actually do them. Fun stuff has been lacking in my life since my back decided to take a painful vacation.

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