I knew the allergies weren't in my head

My sinus headaches and allergy side effects have really been bad lately. Sneezing, wheezing, coughing and just overall ickiness has become an everyday thing… and I do mean every single day.

Feeling the grip of the big drip
— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Abnormally warm weather has pine trees pollinating earlier than usual. Mold spore counts are sky high. Sustained dry weather has sent Austin’s notorious “cedar fever” creeping southeast. To top it off, we’re still in the throes of cold and flu season.

Whose nose isn’t running?


Flu — widespread throughout the nation — is on the upswing in Houston, with 86 cases reported at Texas Children’s Hospital in January, up from 50 in December. Doctors say cold, flu and other upper respiratory viruses will be with us through March.


Not only are dry conditions sending itchy powder from trees into the air, fleeting rain showers are spawning mold.

Mold flourishes in moisture, and when the weather dries out, mold releases spores, Cooper said. We inhale some, and they create the sensation of a thousand tiny spiders crawling inside our nostrils.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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