I miss bread

20130326-140437.jpgMaking good food choices is a daily challenge. If I have a stressful day, I want food. If I’m feeling depressed, I want food. In fact, food is one of the first things I turn to regardless of the reason.

I especially crave breads and potatoes. But I don’t react well to them

There’s a barbecue place within a block or so from my office. It’s an easy walk. And they are open past 2pm, which is a big deal downtown. Because I often wait until after the regular lunch hour to actually eat lunch, I end up here a lot.

Pictured here is today’s lunch. By no stretch of the imagination is this the healthiest or lowest-calorie lunch I could have had here. They have hearty salads with low-fat dressing. I’ve blogged about them in the past (or included them in my weekly updates). But today I wanted something different.

What I wish this picture showed was a turkey poboy with fries. (They have the best fries here.) What you will see here is that I opted for the turkey plate with baked beans and the cucumber salad (or you would have seen the beans and cucumbers if I’d taken the photo before eating). You also will see here that I added barbecue sauce and lots of pickles. What you won’t see is bread.

I am eating bread; that is, I haven’t given it up completely. But I have opted to only eat bread sparingly. Not everyday. Not multiple times a day. And not as an “added on” to a regular meal.

I have bread in sandwiches. I have tortillas in tacos. And that’s pretty much it.

I miss it. I really really miss it. I wanted a few slices of bread to soak up the barbecue sauce. I wanted the option of making an on-the-spot sandwich with the turkey slices, with extra pickles

I just wanted bread with my meal. I still want it.

I think that dinner today is going to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with a side of apple slices. Maybe I can hold out my bread craving until then.

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