I need to manage my stress

It’s become painfully obvious to me (and anyone and everyone in my life) that I need to do a better job of managing my stress. A read an article at Lifehacker that suggests some strategies to overcome stress. The one I wanted to share, and take to heart:

Think About the Progress That You’ve Already Made. “It can be enormously helpful to take a moment and reflect on what you’ve accomplished so far before turning your attention to the challenges that remain ahead.”

I spend my days focusing on my to do list, specifically focusing on the items that don’t get done. There’s an argument to be made that my to do list is too long to be effective. But I know that I’m looking at the wrong part of the list. Instead of celebrating the many strikethroughs, I obsess over the many many items that don’t get touched.

And I turn to chocolate and caffeine and fried foods. 

I need to do better. I am doing better… slowly. 

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