I want a new toy

I know the signs. I keep magazine tear-outs in my tote. I bookmark product pages I don’t share with anyone. I mentally start running numbers in my head to see what I can afford when.

I am lusting after a new toy.
And I haven’t chosen the toy yet.

I want a cross between a Smartphone and a UMPC. Something that will run more than Windows Mobile, but will fit in my tote comfortably, won’t take forever to boot, can run several things at once, and will allow me to be functional on the go.

I want it to play games, music, have a webcam, Skype, memory, access to the Internet (anywhere, would be nice). I want it to be affordable.

Where do I find a toy like that?

I keep reading the reviews of the Asus eee pc, the new HP, the Fujitsu (which is still out of my price range). I read about the new crop of cell phones expected to come out this year, many of which sound really really nice.

But I am the woman who resisted the urge to buy an iPhone, despite wanting it more than any other toy that entire year. I still haven’t bought one.

I don’t just go out and spend money on expensive toys. I do my homework. I work my budget. I think about it. I think about it. I think about it.

Then, maybe, I buy something.

I want a new toy. Something to replace the Palm Treo+portable Targus keyboard I use to write these blog posts. Something with a battery that will last more than two hours. Something that won’t require that I learn an entirely new language to use.

I want a new toy, but know, absolutely know, that I’m not getting one. I’m just too practical.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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