I watch too much television, so I susbcribed to HBO

Today I turned on HBO again. I did that in anticipation of the new season of True Blood. I didn’t watch the last season because I unsubscribed to HBO due to a price hike. Dumb, considering how much money I squander every day. Ironically, when I unsubscribed it was costing me $20 a month; the channel is costing me $5 for the first six month and then just $10 a month.

Anyway, I am once again an HBO subscriber. The result is that I am already watching more TV on the first day than I wanted to… and I am not surprised.

Did I mention that my nutritionist has already slapped my hand (not literally) because I am too inactive? My homework has been to decrease my recreational TV viewing and computer use to ne hour a day. One hour. That’s just not possible.

Who believes I am actually going to get up from this couch now?

***** Written on my ipad. I promise to proof and edit it later. ******

Author: Paloma Cruz

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