ignore them

I like this quote, recently picked up from On Message:

Sometimes, you just have to ignore what people are saying or writing about you.

Good advice. What this covers is advice about whether PR pros should respond to bloggers. Actually, should we respond to negative blogging?

Analyze first, then decide about responding

The key to blog monitoring is thoughtful analysis. What is being said? Who is saying it? What relationship does that person have to our organization? What is the blogger’s agenda and how does that color his/her point of view?

You must answer those questions before you can consider whether to engage the blogger via comments, trackbacks or e-mail.

Then, you must determine whether or not you can solve the problem or smooth over a situation. Taking on a blogger without the capability of fixing the issue is just asking for trouble.

Amen! Sometimes, it’s best just to say nothing. Reacting without a plan, every time someone says something negative about you, your organization or your product is asking for trouble.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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