illegal immigrants sue janitorial company

I happened to be driving by downtown when the rally happened, and the numbers were impressive. However, I didn’t really know what was going on until I read my RSS feed later and found the Houston Chronicle story:

Immigrant workers sue janitorial company
— reported by the Houston Chronicle

About 100 immigrant janitors marched through downtown Houston today to protest a local cleaning company accused of withholding paychecks from its employees and not paying them overtime or for all hours they worked.

The march took place after a federal lawsuit was filed against Houston-based Professional Janitorial Service. The rally ended at one of the downtown buildings the company cleans.


Now tell me that you didn’t mentally add the word “illegal” when you read the paragraphs above. In fact, the word isn’t actually mentioned until the last half or so of the article:

In the lawsuit, Parada and a former worker, Enrique Almeida, also said when employees are first hired, they do not receive their first paycheck until after 30 days. But that first paycheck only includes hours from the first two weeks of employment. Workers don’t get paid for those second two weeks of work until after they leave the company.

Anyway, good for them for standing up for themselves. In today’s political environment, that took guts.

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