I’m going to get kicked out

I just know that i’m going to end up being evicted from my apartment complex. My brother refuses to even consider that we may be even a little bit at fault for the complaint. He wants to go to the apartment manager and demand more information (which I tried, unsuccessfully).

He’s upset and angry and ready to do something stupid.

My concern is that I’m still unclear on why why neighbors complained. We don’t play music, loud or otherwise, especially afterhours. What does “excessive noise” mean? Did I slam a door? Did I have the TV on? Did my restlessly going up and down the squeaky stairs late bother them? What was it?

If I don’t know exactly what the problem was, then how can I make sure that I don’t do it again?

And what will I do if I end up evicted?  Is it even possible to get another apartment after that? Will I be in default of my lease here, then? Would I have to pay off the remainder of the lease, whether I live here or not?

I have to admit, I’m more than a little worried. I have very bad luck. I have very very bad luck.

Send me your good thoughts.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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