I’m in a mood – welcome to retail therapy

I’ve been in a mood for about a week now. My boss has been very understanding about it. My family has been oblivious.

I need to feel better. I need to feel better soon. I’m tired of the bad mood.

If I had the money, I would go on a power shopping trip. I would go out and buy and buy and buy. I’d restock my bookshelves, and buy a new red lipstick and several pairs of black heels. And a black backpack, and at least one tote bag from from the Container Store.

And I’d get some purple slacks (cropped length) and a matching jacket, two or three dressy dresses and some club gear (things to wear to go dancing). Maybe I’d even use the new stuff too.

But I don’t have money, so I’m starting a new category in this blog called “Retail Therapy.” These posts will be things I want to buy, but can’t. It’ll be a virtual shopping bag, just shy of actually taking things to the checkout counter to pay for them.

Here are the first picks: Red Lipstick, because you can never have enough (I think I have half a dozen right now).

Author: Paloma Cruz

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