I’m too fat to get dressed in the morning

The reality of my morning “dessing for work” mad dash is that more than half the clothes in my closet don’t fit me. I’ve gained too much weight over the last three years. I’ve gone up in size without reitiring the clothes that no longer fit, and exchanging them for something that actually does.

I’m doing that thing that deluded overweight women and men do all the time: I’m telling myself I will go on a diet or start visiting the gym and go down again. That hasn’t happened. I’m wondering if it will.

A little over four years ago I found myself in a very similar situation. Most of my clothes didn’t fit and I was looking at having to buy a whole new wardrobe because I had “outgrown” my old one. I refused to do that. Instead I went on a very strict but very healthy diet that helped me lose a lot of weight over the next year. I didn’t lose 100 pounds (yes, I have 100 pounds to lose) but it was enough that I looked better and felt better.

I need to do that again.

I’m having a lot of trouble getting motivated. And the motivation issue isn’t just with my health, it’s also in my professional life, my financial life, and my private life.

I am old enough that I know what I need to do, but like so many others, I’m having trouble just doing it.

So what happens when I get dressed is that I try to ignore the clothes I know don’t fit and start to try on outfits for the day. And, as that happens, I discover more clothes that don’t fit or that I tried on clothes I knew didn’t fit but forgot. I’m not a morning person. At the end I have something I think I can live with, and a stack of clothes that will get put up again.

All that so I can go through it again the next morning. Lovely.

What reminds you that you’re overweight?

Author: Paloma Cruz

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