immigration takes front stage in Houston

With the Houston Police Department’s recently (failed) decision to photograph day workers and the event more recent announcement by the now infamous minutemen to come into the city to take up where they left off…

  • Officers told not to photograph illegal day workers, reported by the Houston Chronicle. “The Houston Police Department has instructed officers not to photograph illegal immigrants seeking day jobs, after an incident last month prompted an outcry from an immigrant rights group.
  • Border sheriffs discuss security issues, reported by the Houston Chronicle. “The Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition, a newly formed body of the 16 counties on or near the Texas-Mexico border, believes its communities are among the nation’s most vulnerable to terrorist intrusion.
  • HPD suspends photographing loiterers, day laborers, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. “The Houston Police Department says it has suspended a policy of taking pictures of loiterers and some day laborers… Some businesses had complained that immigrants were trespassing on their private property in an area west of downtown… And since few carry identification, officers were taking pictures of the people they talk to and using the photos as proof they’ve been warned.
  • Border watchers coming to city — They’ll target HPD’s hands-off policy on illegal immigrants and day-labor sites, reported by the Houston Chronicle. “Houston volunteers will gather near day labor centers and corners where immigrant workers solicit work, in an effort to draw critical attention to the city’s hands-off policy toward illegal immigrants.

(…reprint from stories from a Houston life…)

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