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I’m always intrigued when the media makes the news. Especially when they make the news for items that aren’t news-related.

The Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals has entered into a partnership with Continental Airlines that the Houston Business Journal thought was worthy of a write-up.

The Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals and Continental Airlines have formed a new business partnership.

The agreement will give the Houston-based airline “official airline” status for the association’s major events from March 2006 through March 2007.

Whenever HAHMP members attend an event in conjunction with the organization, the airline will provide tickets at a reduced rate, according to Vicente Arenas, president of HAHMP.

In addition, Continental (NYSE:CAL) will provide in-kind tickets to be auctioned off at HAHMP’s 20th annual Sylvan Rodriguez Scholarship Gala on Friday.

Interesting. Giving free stuff to journalists, even discounts, always brings up the question of whether or not this will give you some leeway the next time they cover you. I’ve never found this to be true, but it always brings up the possibility.

Anyway, just an item to share.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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