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Fast Talk: What’s the Biggest Change Facing Business In the Next 10 Years?
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Malcolm Gladwell

Writer, The New Yorker magazine
New York, New York

Gladwell, 42, is author of the best-sellers The Tipping Point and Blink. His books and his articles in The New Yorker consistently offer fresh perspectives on issues businesspeople care about.


I also think it’s time that business stood up and joined the immigration debate. I think it has been–with the exception of some high-tech firms–shamefully silent on this, which should be one of its top competitiveness issues. Congress should not be shutting down the borders at a time when we’re 10 or 15 years away from some very serious workplace shortages, skilled-labor shortages. We’ve shut the spigot off, and we’re keeping out the very people who would drive our economy 10 years out when our workforce retires en masse.


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