I have the lowest-end phone you can find. No camera, no playing tunes of any kind, and it barely sends and receives text messages. I know that it will allow me to access the Web, but the phone freezes if you try. It’s a flip phone and blue. Oh, yeah, and it lets me set it on vibrate.

I can make and receive phone calls. I have voice mail. Really, what else do I need?… or at least that’s what I thought.

I want an iPhone, as soon as they become available for conspicuous consumption. If I have the money, I am going to buy myself one when they go on the market. (Money is always a factor)

I’ve been lusting after an iPod for a few years, but haven’t been able to justify the expense to myself. I will never fill it up. In fact, if I have a couple hundred songs to put on it, I’d be shocked. Yes, I do like the idea of buying shows like Battlestar so I can view them at my leisure. And, yes, I do want to take my podcasts with me. But still… I can’t bring myself to make the expense.

And for those of you rolling your eyes, let me tell you that the Houston Chronicle’s Ken Hoffman found out that it’s not so easy to fill up your iPod. There’s real commitment involved in that.

The iPhone is supposed to run OS X, have a full touch-screen, mobile access to the internet and email, and all the neat phone access as well.

I want it.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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