it’s okay now

I refused to take a sick day, which isn’t really news… at least it isn’t for anyone who knows me. I’m not sick… or rather, I wasn’t sick, haven’t been sick… whatever. The swelling on my cheek is going down and the fever is gone. I’m well now or very nearly there.

I never made it out to my doctor’s office. Even after I got the damned HMO chaos settled, I didn’t think I needed to see the doctor because I’m feeling better. It didn’t become a big deal this time

{{I’ve decided that my HMO representatives are not nice people. After keeping me in “hold hell” for longer than I thought could be possible, they then proceeded to tell me nothing, over and over again. Four attempts at a conversation and a long, long time later I was finally able to get an answer: my doctor is now on their network once again and I’m able to go to him as usual. I’m just glad that I didn’t have an emergency or a real need for a doctor. I could have been in real trouble.}}

Very few people have commented on the Band-Aid decorating my jaw. I’ve been wearing my hair down, using the see-through Band-Aids, and that seems to have aided in not drawing attention to it. Or maybe people are being incredibly tactful and just not saying anything.

Either way, I’m glad I haven’t had to answer a lot of questions about what happened and how it happened. This infection thing is difficult to explain. And embarrassing. I’d rather keep it to myself until I no longer can. Besides, I wasn’t really sick.

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