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Glossing over the details of management decisions, company statements and the complete obliteration of my department, I will just say that I find myself in the position of looking for a new job. I’m still currently employed, but won’t be for much longer. I need to find something soon.

I hate the whole job search process. Looking and interviewing and waiting. That’s not going to help.

I’ve started sending feelers out to friends and colleagues, letting them know that I will soon be available. I’ve started scouring the IABC and PRSA job boards in Houston to see what’s being offered. I’ve spoken to a recruiter to get some help with the whole thing. I’m on the list to receive the local American Marketing Association’s career enewsletter.

I’ve gotten started. Now I need to see what happens.

One of the things this has forced me to look at is my long-term career plan. When I graduated from college I knew I had to put in my time, make contacts, build up my reputation and learn the business. I’m doing that. I also knew that I eventually wanted to work for myself, start my own little business and run it with my clients. I haven’t started doing that.

Over the years I’ve taken on the occasional freelance client. Nothing major, just some small businesses that needed the help and couldn’t afford to go with an agency. But I haven’t really been cultivating that “I’m going into business” client roster.

I’m nowhere near ready to rely on the instability of full-time freelance work (at least not on purpose). But I do think that it’s time to get serious about making the contacts and taking on moonlighting gigs that will help me move in that direction.

So here I am, asking for two things from my PR support network:

  1. Any and all info on jobs open or methods that helped you find a PR job, and
  2. Practical experience in starting your own business, in this field.

Thanks in advance.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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5 thoughts on “job wanted”

  1. Paloma:

    I wish you all the best … I’m doing what I’m doing for exactly the same reason — my company effectively shut down our office and left me without a job.

    I looked for awhile, but didn’t find anything, and suddenly I started getting calls for help on projects, and before I knew it, I was in business. But I had the good fortune of a built-in client base and lots of former colleagues sprinkled throughout the business. I’m very grateful to all of them for their support and assistance.

    So … if I can “pass it on” by helping you in some way, let me know. In the meantime, if I hear of anything, I’ll send it your way.

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