keep track

Two good tools to pass along:

Why should you care?

Track your daily thoughts, dreams, and activities!

  • Understand your life!
  • Create as many logbooks as you want.
  • Edit and update on the fly with no page refreshes.
  • Use tags to group your logbooks together.
  • Add log entries to your goals via Joe’s Goals.


Achieve your goals!

  • Get control of your life!
  • Have as many goals as you want.
  • Place multiple checks on the same goal for those extra-productive days.
  • Share your progress with your friends.
  • Use negative goals to track your vices.
  • Keep track of your progress by watching your daily score.
  • Add notes via Joe’s Logbook to track your successes and failures

I’m not the organized type, but I know others strive for an organized life. These tools might actually help. (Found via LifeHacker posts.)

Author: Paloma Cruz

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