keeping mother happy

I should have mentioned, I think, how happy my mother was yesterday when we went on our shopping spree. I never go shopping, as I mentioned before. So she never get to go with me. She always goes with Arianna, who loves to shop more than life itself. Arianna has a closet full of clothes with the store tags still on them. Clothes she buys for the sheer joy of buying, because she can, and she never goes shopping alone.

So my mother was very pleased to be able to hand me clothes over and under the dressing room door and watch me twirl around and show her what they looked like. She laughed at me because I was regretting buying so much, spending so much money. Buyer’s remorse is not a family trait. And she reassured me that I did the right thing in making the purchases.

I hope she’s right. Even though I wore my first outfit today, I’m still uncertain that I did the right thing. And with money that I shouldn’t have spent anyway.


I’ll move onto another topic when I have more money. I promise.

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