kudos to Douglas, Arizona

Finally, a someone in a government position takes an official stand against the stupidity that’s being enacted right now:

On Wednesday, the City Council of Douglas Arizona passed a resolution stating formal opposition to both the construction of walls, and the use of military forces in an attempt to curtail the flow of migrants over the border. The City of Douglas, located in Cochise Country, an area rapidly becoming ground zero for activists on both sides of the immigration debate, became the second border city in the last few weeks to voice opposition to the governments plans to place 6000 National Guard troops along the border and the construction of a new triple wall system intended to stop undocumented migrants from entering the country.

And additional kudos to Colin Powell:

Border community residents also gained a valuable ally in their opposition to “the wall” on Thursday when former Secretary of State Colin Powell, speaking at a business conference in Mexico City said that extending walls along the U.S.-Mexico border would not solve the problem of illegal immigration.

“The Berlin Wall did not work perfectly and the wall that the Israelis are putting up is not going to work perfectly,” Powell said. “So, a wall alone is not the answer.”

Powell also added that a path to legalization must be provided for the 12 million undocumented immigrants already in the US.

Found at Migra Matters.

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