last credit card payment

Today I made out my last payment to Consumer Credit Counseling, or rather to Money Management Inc (the by mail service). This is the last credit card payment I have. All of them are up to date and paid off, or will be shortly — once MMI sends out the payment this month.

Of course, I know now that going through MMI hurt my credit score. And, yes, I’ve looked at it, it did hurt my score.

I didn’t know any better when I started. All I knew was that I was drowning in debt and needed help. MMI helped me.

I still have a few outstanding debts. Things that are overdue or have gone to collection agencies. My next step is to settle those.

Then I will start to rebuild my credit score. At the same time, I will save and invest money for my future.

Wish me luck

Author: Paloma Cruz

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