Latino style at Kmart

Latin-inspired line spices up Kmart

With a swath of bright color here and the shimmer of an extra-large gold hoop earring there, the Latina look is everywhere.

“There are tons of stereotypes out there, but young Latina women in the fashion market are young, fresh and full of ideas,” says Thalia, the Mexican-born pop singer who also oversees a line of clothes for Kmart. “Maybe we’re a little more colorful … and there’s always a little spice, a little flavor and something flirty.”


The 2000 census counted 35 million Hispanics. Since then, Hispanics have passed blacks as the nation’s largest minority group.

Kmart, for one, seems to have confidence in the Thalia brand, expanding its presence from 335 stores when it launched in 2003 to more than 1,400.


The Latina influence is in the details — the glitzy trim, the snugger fit.

Otherwise, Thalia says, the fashion sensibility of Hispanics isn’t that different from anyone else. They like the mix-and-match, high-and-low wardrobe that you’ll find women wearing in practically every corner of the country.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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