Latinos are connected to their home countries

The Houston Chronicle’s immigration blog reports:

The latest Pew study shows that most Latinos stay connected to their native country by sending money, calling relatives or venturing back. But the level of connection varies. According to the study, just 1 out 10 Latino immigrants do all three of these “transnational activities.” This group is described by Pew as being highly attached to their home country. Meanwhile 28 percent of foreign-born Latinos aren’t involved in any of those activities.

On the same topic, HispanicAd reports:

Most Latino immigrants maintain some kind of connection to their native
country by sending remittances, traveling back or telephoning
relatives, but the extent of their attachment varies considerably. Only
one-in-ten (9%) do all three of these so-called transnational
activities; these immigrants can be considered highly attached to their
home country. A much larger minority (28%) of foreign-born Latinos is
involved in none of these activities and can be considered to have a
low level of engagement with the country of origin. Most Latino
immigrants (63%) show moderate attachment to their home country; they
engage in one or two of these activities.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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