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Music Site Offers Scholarship for Immigration Essay
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The online music site is offering its visitors who are good with words a new kind of opportunity – a college scholarship.

The site, which bills itself as the most comprehensive Latin hip hop and reggaeton music site online, is offering a $500 scholarship to Hispanic undergraduates who submit an essay on the country’s current discussion over illegal immigration. The 500- to 1,000-word essay must be submitted by noon Central time on Nov. 30.

According to the site, the essay should answer the following questions: “Does illegal immigration by Latin Americans help or hurt the United States? Should the U.S. make changes to either work closer with illegal immigrants (examples: issue drivers licenses, admit them to schools, grant work visas to all currently in the U.S.) or changes to discourage illegal immigration? (examples: stricter laws, penalties for companies hiring undocumented workers, deportation, border enforcement). How should these changes be made?”


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