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Since I’ve determined that I need to learn podcasting, I’ve gone out looking for good sources of instruction. The Godbit Project recently posted “Podcasting Your Church,” which has a really good tutorial on starting a podcast.

One of the big projects I have taken on at my church is making our sermons available online. Three years after being placed on the sound and media team at the church, we have finally acheived one of those original goals. Although it is not directly related to web design, this task is usually give to whomever is in charge of a church’s web site. I thought I would share a few things I have learned in the process.


The first thing you will need is a way to get a recording of the sermons at your church.


I hope this helps you out if you are planning on podcasting your church’s sermons. The hardest part is getting a good recording of the sermon and converting it to a portable format. Once you are past that, it is relatively easy to get the files out there.

No, it doesn’t offer the really technical details I need to get started, but I’ve found some other sources for that. I’ll be posting about those soon.

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