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Posts to check out:

  • USA Today Launches Branded RSS Reader — “Jon Dube at reports that USA Today has launched a branded RSS reader that doesn’t require readers to know anything about RSS. It’s Ajax-based and pretty nice.”
  • to Share Revenue with Publishers — “News aggregation site has launched a Publisher Platform that gives large and small publishers the ability to syndicate their full content to the site. [snip] All publishers in the network share in the site’s ad revenue generated from users viewing full text articles.”
  • MySpace, Facebook Go Mobile — “What do you get when you combine two of the biggest tech trends today – social networking and mobile? You get Helio, a new youth-oriented cell phone service that wisely has formed an exclusive partnership with MySpace. A customized, WAP-based MySpace client comes on each Helio handset. It not only makes it easy to read MySpace blogs on the go, but also to write to them.”

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