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Does your business have a disaster plan? What about a worst-case-scenario plan? From Blog Business World’s “Business plans: Disaster planning“:

Simply looking objectively at the worst case scenario can help with the overall business plan. The worst that can happen to a business may not even be that disastrous at all. In fact, many worst case scenarios can be reduced in impact, or even negotiated into workable situations. Every business problem is not the end of the world or the company.

Once you know what is the deepest depth to which your company could sink, the issues involved don’t even look so bad. It’s much easier to work with a known factor than a completely unknown possibility. After all, the worst that can happen to your business, might not be so terrible after all. The fear of disaster is worse than the potential problem itself. Keep in mind that just because a problem could arise in theory, does not mean it will ever appear in practice.

Need help with your writing? Lifehack has “Fifty (50!) Tools which can help you in Writing” that can help even the most advanced writer.

Did you know that a “Blogging conference draws 400 in D.C.” or rather drew 400 people to Washington D.C.? “Approximately 400 Washington-area marketing, public relations and media professionals crowded into a standing-room only Mayflower Hotel ballroom Friday morning to try to discover what’s beyond blogging.” Beyond blogging? I’m still trying to get on board with blogging.

The Young PR Bloggers List at NewPR Wiki. This is a list of public relations practitioners who’ve been in the business for less than five years.

Have you found your Unique Selling Proposition? “Your business is as individual as you are. That unique nature of your company is its greatest strength. Your unique selling proposition (often called a USP) should reflect what makes your organization one of a kind. Offer a USP that only you and your business can provide.

Do you know What’s an Online Community’s Value?  There are five tips to formulate one:

  • Release control.
  • Entertain.
  • Connect.
  • Be authentic.
  • Innovate.

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