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Some things to help your blog & your business:

‘Must Have’ Sidebar Features

  1. Site Search
  2. Archives
  3. Blogroll
  4. Recent Comments
  5. Blog Categories
  6. Most Popular Posts
  7. Contact Info
  8. Short About Section
  9. Your Other Projects/Blogs
  10. RSS Buttons

Improving the readability of large numbers of comments

  1. Highlight your (own) comments
  2. Provide visual cues
  3. Show what’s new
  4. Split things up
  5. Newest first
  6. Distinguish Trackbacks
  7. Rate comments
  8. Nested comments
  9. Editable comments
  10. Categorise comments

Hit the Jackpot! How to Find Money-making Domains

In this article, I’ll explain the tools and techniques domain pros use to determine — or at least reasonably guesstimate — how much, and what type, of traffic a domain receives. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to predict approximately how much money a given domain will make, and thus gain a better understanding of the domain’s true value. We’ll discuss three methods for evaluating the traffic a domain receives:

* Trackers/Direct Methods
* Predictors/Indirect Methods
* Traffic Source

The educated buyer always comes out ahead, so read on to unlock the mysteries of domain traffic and learn how to determine scientifically if a domain is really worth buying.

6 Killer Tips for More Web Design Clients

  1. Hone those Social Skills
  2. Blow your own Trumpet (No one Else Plays your Tune)
  3. Get Into Bed With Someone
  4. Conduct Effective Advertising
  5. Visualise your Success
  6. Persistence will Win the Day

Diversify Your Investments by Starting a Side Business (found via LifeHacker)

Intro from LifeHacker:

Ambitious software developer Brad Isaac makes a convincing argument why you should start a side business you run on weekends and nights for some extra cash, experience and security.

Isaac says a side business (different from a small business, mind you) is a smart use of your free time, diversifies your income stream, gets you an education and gives you a sense of security and self-esteem working for the man does not. With a successful side business, your attitude at the 9-5 will change for the better.

Sharpening Your Focus: Seven Ways to Keep ‘the Customer’ Front & Center

  1. Play “follow the leader”: good leadership drives customer focus.
  2. Remind employees of their mission within the organization.
  3. Shine a spotlight on employees.
  4. Recognize outstanding service.
  5. Realize that smart organizations learn from their mistakes.
  6. Consider using a focus group.
  7. Keep customers informed of improvements.

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