Lose it!

My favorite iPhone app is a nifty free application that lets me keep track of caloric intake. If you search on the app store, you’re going to find dozens of options that let you keep track of the food you consume. But this app does so much more.

Lose it! comes preloaded with a long list of foods, including supermarket brands and restaurant menus. You can create custom foods to add new items, and it remembers all the foods you’ve chosen and keeps them in a convenient list. It lets you build recipes from ingredients in the app, so you can create calorie counts for dishes you prepare. It even “remembers” previous meals, so those of us who frequently have the same thing don’t have to recreate the entries every time.

If you are among those who actually exercise, you can also log your workouts. And it will help you create goals for weight loss and keep track, allowing you to enter your weight periodically and checking against the goal.

Very nice. Below is a screenshot of today’s meal log. Don’t judge me. 🙂

{{Written on my iPhone.}}

Author: Paloma Cruz

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