LULAC at Pasadena High

Pasadena High students form council
— reported by the Pasadena Citizen

The League of United Latin American Citizens in Pasadena has decided to form the first youth council at Pasadena High School and held its first meeting Tuesday after school in the cafeteria.

Youth Director of the Pasadena LULAC Council Maria Patino decided to form this group at PHS after the recent walkouts last month because of the bill that the U.S. Congress wanted to pass that would make it a felony for illegal immigrants to be in the United States.

Out of the many schools in the Houston area, Lamar High School was the only one that did not have an issue with the walkout due to having the LULAC council present there. Some members of the council heard rumors around school that a walkout was being planned so they notified the principal and blocked the doors to stop the students but still talked about their concerns that they had.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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